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Stravers Shoes, the specialist in large sizes

Located in the center of Amsterdam, Stravers Shoes has been a well-known and trusted name for women’s and men’s exclusive shoes in large sizes since 1960. Due to the many requests for these unique and exclusive shoes from our foreign customers, Stravers Shoes decided in 2001 to start a web shop and since the start of it, it’s trusted by many customers all over the world. The Stravers Shoe shop is located in the famous Amsterdam Museum area just around the corner of the luxury shopping street PC Hooftstraat and easy to reach by tram. Our customers from all over the world come to Stravers Shoes for large shoes in a luxury, modern design.

About Stravers

Exclusive models of our own label

Exclusiveness and quality is the standard for Stravers Shoes. You won't find shoes which are so perfectly fitted and shaped as shoes from a label as Stravers luxury shoes anywhere else. Working with the finest materials and the attention to create the perfect fit, makes Stravers Shoes a special designed shoe for you!

About Stravers


Large is really large

Looking for the more extreme sizes, Stravers Shoes is the place to go. At Stravers Shoes you will find exclusive shoes, but you only find them in very large sizes. Stravers Shoes are not just a size larger. For example we have a size 47 (13 UK) high heels in our collection. Our shoes are specially made for your size. This makes a shoe from Stravers Shoes Label pleasing to the eye and most important, to the feet.

Large size women shoes
Large size men's shoes

Come to the shop or to our web shop

The Stravers Shoes design collection, from high heels, flat shoes, boots, ankle boots, wedding shoes and more for women, to luxurious dress shoes, loafers, Monk Straps, sneakers and more for men. At Stravers Shoes you will find an unique collection of luxurious shoes in large sizes. Experience the timesaving convenience of online shopping in our web shop! Or visit our store when you are in Amsterdam.

About Stravers

About Stravers

About Stravers

Stravers Luxury Shoes - The Stravers label

Eighty percent of our shoe collection is manufactured under the Stravers Luxury Shoes Label. Our own brand with an unique collection, based upon the newest fashion trends seen at the international fairs, fashion shows and cities. These trends are translated into fashionable designed shoes in large sizes. It requires special craftsmanship of making shoes in these particular sizes. With wearing our shoes you will experience these specialties of Stravers Shoes. Do not wait any longer, visit our web shop and order your personally made Stravers Shoes.

What makes a shoe of the Stravers Label so special?

Shoes of Stravers Label are very exclusive due to the limited numbers. Our large sizes are designed for making your feet look smaller. This way, shoes in large sizes have a perfect fit and are in line with the latest fashion.


  • - Exclusivity by limited numbers;
  • - Perfect fit in large sizes;
  • - High quality materials;
  • - Design according to the latest fashion;
  • - Manufactured in factories well-known by famous international shoe designers;
  • - A surprising price / quality ratio due to own design and production.

About Stravers

Stravers Gold Label

Recently we added a new collection men's shoes named Stravers Gold Label. Stravers Gold Label is made for men who have an eye for real luxurious Italian design and would like to have them in their own size. What makes these shoes so special:

  • - Extra refined details;
  • - Design and luxury derived from top Italian designers;
  • - Supplemented with shoes of special selected brands.

Other Brands

We also have other shoe brands besides Stravers Shoes, below you will a list of brands:

  • - Alexandria;
  • - Australian;
  • - Semler.

About Stravers

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